Must have Hair-Care Appliances

Aren’t we all obsessed with silky, shiny hair and eagerly await good hair days? No matter the occasion, if your hair game is on-point, looking gorgeous will be the only option you are left with! But is it possible to visit a salon all the time? Looking good is important but a salon-visit can become expensive and inconvenient each time you have a party to attend or for a celebration to be a part of. What if you have your own personal appliances to transform you into that beautiful damsel you always dreamt of? Sounds amazing?

Let us discuss all kinds of hair appliances which are must-haves and best suited for all kinds of hair types.


Let us start with a basic hair dryer? Leave alone styling but you need this handy product even to simply dry your hair before you start straightening your hair or simply look forward to a nice blow-dry session! But it is essential that it suits your hair type and hence should be one with multiple heat settings. Look for one with detachable nozzles where air flows at various intensities and varied hairstyles can be made possible! How about a hair-dryer with automatic overheat cut-out feature? It will make sure that your hair is not exposed to too much heat and your hair stays healthy! I think I have the perfect hair dryer in mind for you!

INCHIS hair dryer will take amazing care of your hair by distributing the exact amount of heat in your hair and hence preventing any kind of damage. Your hair will be happy with perfect conditioning for shiny, smooth and frizz-free hair. Inchis hair dryer is designed to make you feel lucky with a huge wind inlet for reducing air swirl for quiet and efficient drying. It is an expert in keeping your hair soft. What are the settings which you should keep in mind for Inchis hair-dryer? Setting 1 for when your hair is ready after being styled for gentle drying and touch-up! It is set up at mild speed and possesses mild heat. Turn it up to setting 2 for high speed and higher heat for fast drying and setting up your hair for straightening or curling.


Now that the air is dry and ready for styling, let us discover the styles one by one. Hair straightener can be your best bet if you think it shall suit your face and make you look good. Diverse hairstyles can be created in a jiffy if you choose a quick heating hair styling appliance. It will save your time every time you choose to straighten your hair and will also make sure that your hair is not exposed to heat for significantly longer periods. Hence say no heat damage! Also, did you know that the material of the heating appliance makes a lot of difference? Ceramic is often the chosen one when it comes to choosing materials in hairstyling appliances which will give you good results while granting your hair complete safety!

Have you thought about which hair straightener would make for a perfect option? Yes, you are right! The INCHIS Hair Straightener promises it suser shiny, smooth and silky hair with its ultra-smooth, slim 1-inch plates. This flat iron is good at straightening your hair quickly and in a more efficient manner. An ergonomic handle and non-slippery design will make sure you do not hurt yourself and there is an auto-shut off button which again is a feature which takes care of your hair. INCHIS hair straighteners come with ceramic plates which work as magic and prevent moisture from slipping from your hair. Hair burns are quite common and can be avoided too with this amazing Inchis hair straightener. This flat styling iron wins hearts with 220 degree celsius adjustable temperature to adjust the heat as per your styling needs.


Now, let us move on to the next glam look preferred by ladies. Curly hair can instantly make you look appealing and attractive and I personally love curly hair which I possess naturally. To adorn those bouncy curls at home, you should definitely get hold of effective hair curlers. Go for one with adjustable heat settings so that it is deemed suitable for you no matter the thickness of your hair. Do concentrate on the width of the barrel as it is instrumental for a finishing touch to your curls. A 19-22 mm barrel is quite ideal for diverse hairstyles. INCHIS curling wand is the magic wand which will transform you into a world of magic. So, check out the wide range of hair curlers whose plate wears have long lives, ceramic protects the plates against scratching while the temperature which you select remains even throughout the plate. Use Inchis hair curler and you are ready to rock the party!

Also, did you know that there are various types of curling irons which are diverse in terms of diameter, material as well type of handle and barrel shape. The barrels vary from 0.5 inches or 1.3 cm to 2 inches or 5.1 centimetres. Smaller barrels come into use in case of curls and ringlets while bigger barrels make way for beautiful waves. Curling irons are said to be made of teflon, ceramic, titanium, tourmaline or other metals. A lot of people have a variety of opinions as per their choice and hair type but you should always check the various types of curling irons before making a wise choice. It is instrumental that the curling iron stays in place when heated and hence, a spring-loaded handle is ideal. Such curling irons are quite common as they allow the user to place as much pressure on the clip as would enhance the strength of the curl. Did you know that the clipless wands have gloves which save the hands from burning! However, INCHIS curling irons are always a good choice! Choose what is best for you.


How about possessing a glamorous product which fulfills three wishes at once? Your genie who will help you curl, crimp and straighten your hair with just one hair styler? INCHIS 3 in 1 hair styler is quite desirable with a handle lock function for easy operation. It also comprises a power LED light, cool tip with a 360-degree swivel cord as well a hanging loop. Its flat plates can work wonders for hair straightening, crimpers will create a sleek look with amazing textures while you will crave lustrous curls with the curling iron. Go for Inchis hair stylers and delve into unique products of your choice.


Another perfect hair care appliance has to be a roller brush. The INCHIS roller brush is definitely perfect for styling your hair perfectly. With a diameter of 3.5 inches and a unique design, the thermal roller brush is known to produce perfect voluminous curls. Multi bristles which are ionic plus ceramic will not melt easily when exposure happens to highly charged hair dryers. For a healthy scalp and silky hair, heat enhances the functioning of the ceramic ion brush. It helps in sealing the hair cuticles. Go through the entire range of INCHIS for the best options.


You should not miss out on using the INCHIS paddle brush because it is a must keep hair care appliance. Stay put ball tips is its specialty with nylon bristles which can smoothly penetrate, stimulate as well help to massage the scalp. It is also an expert in reduction of snags and detangling longer lengths of hair without generation of static. Hence, tangle free and smooth hair is ensured. It will make you happy to know that the birth has ionic bristles which do not bend or melt with exposure to high heat. Go through the entire range of INCHIS hair brushes for an enlightening shopping experience for your hair.


Have you heard about a hair crimper? It is similar to that of a straightening iron but you can spot ridges on the heating plates. These ridges are responsible for the crimped look. It is a purely styling instrument and does not help in curling or straightening your hair. Crimping will give a wavy look and feel to your hair which is also known as krinkles or deep waves. The crimping iron is also said to possess 2 hot plates with springs. One person helps to hold the plates in a closed position which separates on removal of pressure. Are you curious about who invented crimping? It was Geri Cusenza, who is also popular as one of the co-founders of Sebastian Professional. INCHIS hair crimpers are popular among users due to their uniform heating technology plus high temperature ceramic plates. It gives the hair crimper effects and makes it look quite layered and voluminous. Apply the crimping iron from root to tip when the hair has completely dried. It is only when the straightening iron is run through the hair in a small S pattern that small bends or waves are created. If you are not a fan of splurging on the iron too much, create small braids when your hair is wet and let it be till the hair dries. Set the style with a hair dryer and gradually remove the braids. Want to create natural waves in your beautiful hair? Loose braids can also do the trick.