Beginner’s Guide To Buy Make-up Brushes

Every girl’s favorite childhood memory is experimenting with mom’s lipsticks and trying to apply it like a pro. These days, the world of make-up has taken a complete 360-degree turn with better quality makeup products and accessories, but every woman or teenager’s zeal is still the same as that of a little girl’s excitement to try mommy’s make-up.

The obvious reason why beauty experts or make-up artists get that flawless make-up look with the right contouring or smoky eyes is because they invest in the right makeup essential tools. Therefore, before digging in your wallet, it is important to bring your focus to a guide that explains you everything you need to know before buying a make-up brush kit. For beginners as well as for the professional artists, Inchis is a one-stop-shop for all the essential personal and professional beauty tools having an unparalleled range of basic, premium and expert series of make-up brushes, that gives you a salon-like look with the ease of being at home.

Foundation Brush

You would know which brush is used for what,once you master the art of creating the correct makeup base. As you know that the foundation is usually the first layer of make-up and if you don’t want the make-up to become patchy or have breakouts, a foundation brush is a must-buy to blend it. A foundation brush provides a smooth, even and flawless finish to your makeup. You can check them from Inchis make-up collection that has detailed descriptions related to the list of make-up brushes and uses, which is ideal for liquid foundations, as it blends makeup perfectly without any streaks or crease.

Blush brush

All the girls die to get that pinkish glow on the cheekbones but have no clue how to create that. Hang on; Inchis blush brush will give you that perfect look and without much struggle, you can use the blush directly on the skin using the blush brush.The fluffy Blush Brush ensures meticulous application of makeup while the soft, dense bristles pick up a lot of product and ensures hi-definition results.

Lip liner and filler

Imagine applying your favorite lipstick to work and finding out that it got smudged all over your face post lunch! To make your lipstick last long throughout the day without smudging, you shouldcreate a base on the lips using a lip liner. It allows to you apply lipstick with precision and covers your lips evenly.You can fill the inner areas with the defined and smooth hair texture of the lip filler to get a finished matte look. Inchis Lip Liner and Filler brushes are perfect for outlining and detailing the lips and applying the colour evenly and consistently.

Eye Liner brush

If your ultimate love is winged eyeliner but you never got that perfect wing in one attempt, try an eyeliner brush that will save your time and give that flawless look.This brush is used to apply liquid eyeliner in order to get the perfect and precise line in just one stroke.Try Inchis which brings to you the first of its kind eyeliner brush which is tilted from the top for a more easy and precise applicationand flaunt the eyeliner of your choice.

Blender brush

let your face do the talking by highlighting the cheekbones to brighten up your dull makeup.Try using any powder or liquid highlighter around cheekbones and get the salon kind of professional make-up, do not forget to use a Highlighter brush instead of your hands.Inchis Blender Brush is a versatile brush that can be used as an eyeshadow brush, highlighting brush. These brushes are remarkable for quick application and blended cream eyeshadow looks.

Now that you know the context of the make-up brush guide for beginners, go explore our wide range of make-up brushes today!