Secret to Pretty Hair

We all sailed through the pandemic wave, working from home with messy buns and loose fitted clothes. But now since that the majority of the workforce has returned to their office, the hustle of planning outfits and hairstyle of the day has increased again. Read the following article on how a hair brush is the friend in need for healthy and stylish hairbefore you get triggered by the anxiety of having a bad hair day again. And before investing in hair brushes online, let’s take a note of why it is so important to have the right kind of hair brush in your vanity kit.

Brushing your hair is quite like washing your face—it's something you do every day, but likely don't pay that much attention while doing so. After all, when it involves hair, it's the fancy products and cool new styling tips that everyone's always talking about, not something as boring as brushing.

But improper brushing, can be a huge cause of hair damage. The good news? It's easily avoidable, as long as you master the proper technique. All you got to do is start brushing at the ends and gradually work your way up. When you brush your hair starting at the roots and moving downward, you end up simply pushing any tangles or snarls all the way to the ends, which are the most fragile part of your hair to begin with, and can wind up having one big knot at the bottom. The other very important thing to do ischoosing the correct hair brush for your hair type and texture.

Factors to consider while buying a Hair Brush

Although it may not seem important, buying a hairbrush requires the same zeal needed when purchasing a smartphone or cosmetics. Researching on the factors that affect the performance of brushes before buying one will help guide you to make a more informed decision before buying one. To get the best results, you may want to evaluate several factors when making your purchase. Such considerations include the following:

The shape of the brush

In case you are into classic hairstyles such as bob, then you have to think of going for a hairbrush that is flat in shape. For making curls and addition of volume to hair, circular or round hair brushes are recommended. In the case where you desire straight styles for your hair, you can use a blow dryer together with a paddle brush.

Hairbrush bristles

When it involves hair brushes, there are those with natural bristles, synthetic bristles or a mix of both. Natural bristles are usually derived from boars. As one of the benefits, these brushes withnatural bristlescan help clean the hair and scalp. Natural bristles reduce static, are easy on the scalp, and cause negligible breakage. According to a lot of reviews,brushes with natural bristles last longer as compared to synthetic hair brushes.As close as the bristles are together, the finer the hair the brush is intended for. When bristles are set a little far from oneanother, the hair brush would be for a thicker hair texture.

The length of your hair

Hair brushes are always available in diverse range of sizes. You should take into consideration a more rounded brush in case you have long hair, so that you can brush your hair up to the ends with ease and comfort.

Hairbrush plates

Another important thing to consider before you buy a brush to straighten your hair isa hairbrush plate.But before that you should understand what is a brush plate exactly? This is the part that holds the bristles and comes in direct contact with your hair. Since this part is heated before it touches your hair, therefore you need to pay close attention to it.Make sure you invest in a high-quality brush, preferably the one with advanced technology to lessen damage usually caused by heat.

Handle of the brush

The handle of your hairbrush usually determines the ease and comfort with which you comb your hair. Choosing a brush that has a comfortable grip will help you straighten your hair without you putting much effort to get your hair done neatly.A brush with a softly cushioned handle will also help lessen the strain that is caused when you hold your brush for long periods, which is common when you are doing complex styles.

The closing

You need to take into consideration the closing bit of a hair straightening brush before buying, as it is one of the factors that affect the hair styling process. Unless you want to end up purchasing a hairbrush that is incompetent, you should consider all these factors beforehand.

What is the correct way to use a Hair Brush?

You should be knowing about Hair Brush types and the right way to use them, as both hold equal importance in contributing towards healthy and beautiful hair.

  • Applying serum is a must before brushing hair, especially after a fresh shower.
  • Divide your hair into two-three sections, depending upon the hair volume, and pick one section each at a time for better brushing.
  • Please ensure you detangle your hair and then stroke a hair brush to discipline small locks.
  • Keep the hair brush running through the hairuntil it feels smooth and shiny.

Five main reasons why to think about before buying a hair brush

1. Detangle hair knots like a pro

Dozing off with wet hair may be a common human tendency and that we all are guilty of doing. But trouble in paradise occurs once you awaken the messed-up locks and hair that appears as a bird’s nest. And that’s why we need to incorporate this for our everyday brushing needs. With the hair brush, you will detangle every strand without any breakage or pain in the roots.

2. Massages scalp

Honestly who doesn’t missour mom’s oil massage which in the childhood made our hair healthy and soft. And if you’re some who is always busy with the work, then a hair brush is your rescue partner which will help in detangling your hair and can also massage your scalp to give a heavenly feeling.

3. Styling and smoothening

All of us desire for sleek and shiny hair but without any chemical treatment, since they are genuinely harmful to hair. But hair brushes play a double role in detangling as well as grooming hair and therefore the final look results in smooth, straight, and tamed locks.

4. Strong grip and comfort

Finding the right hair brush is a difficult task. Hence if you are trying to find the right hair brush, ensure that the grip of the hair brush is strong and convenient to use. For those making partitions of thick hair, the strong grip helps to maneuver your hands freely around the hair without causing any pain.

5. Stimulates hair growth

Living up to the expectations of excellent quality of hair, hair brushes also enhance hair nutrients and uplifts hair growth.

Types of Inchis Hair Brush for every hair type

Paddle Hair Brush

A paddle brush is a perfect partner in hair care for everyone. This hair brush offers the right grip and disciplines the messed-up hair. The stay putball tips of the nylon bristles of Inchis paddle brush easily penetrates, energizes, massages the scalp and also helps to reduce snags and detangles longer length of hair without giving rise to static and ensuring smooth, tangle-free hair. When exposed to heat the ionic bristles of the brush do not melt or bend.Furthermore, it straightens strands making it smoother and shinier than before.

Round Hair Brush

In order to make your hair look voluminous, a round hair brush is the next thing you should add to your daily hair care routine. For that transformation to tight or thick curls, a round hair brush is a right call you should make.The Inchis Round Hair brush is ideal for creating those perfect curls and styling hair easily. This distinctive, hefty designed synthetic bristle thermal round brush with a diameter of 3.25 inches, is the perfect styling tool for creating gorgeous, voluminous curls. The Inchis Round Brush has multi bristles that are ionic and ceramic in nature and do not melt when exposed to high power hair dryers. This ceramic ion brush intensifies its superior functioning when heat is added while reducing hair static and sealing hair cuticle for a healthier scalp and shinier hair.

Caring for your hair brushes

Your hair brushes require a revamp just like your other beauty tools need it every so often. As time goes on, the texture of your hair changes along with styles and treatments, so make sure you use the correct brush for your hair type. Hair brushes can get soaked with product build-up and dirt over time. You can increase the life of your hair brushes by regularly cleaning them. When you purchase hair brushes, read the labels carefully for cleaning instructions. Most hair brushes are often easily shampooed.